Community Healing Through Action: Intersectional Approaches to Violence Prevention

This year’s California Violence Prevention Network annual conference is scheduled for October 10, 2019, in the beautiful city of Long Beach, CA.  Visit the Events page for details and registration.


Igniting a Movement

In 2007 the California Violence Prevention Network (CVPN) was formed.  CVPN was founded on the belief that nothing would change—crime would not be reduced, communities would remain frightened—unless essential city and county agencies and the non profit and profit sectors pledged to specific partnership actions and goals in the prevention, intervention, reentry and enforcement arenas.  Within two years, 15 cities had signed on.  In 2010, then U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder cloned CVPN as the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention (NFYVP). Combined, NFYVP and CVPN touched the lives of people, young and old, in 35 cities across America.

The results were dramatic: in many cities, crime dropped; new and unusual partnership sprung  up, such as members of the faith community riding with police at night, former offenders assuming community peace-keeping roles, various parts of a community “adopting” a block, hospitals opening trauma centers in schools, “welcome home” strategies for returning offenders, and youth themselves joining in as active partners.  New funding sources, such as federal grants, city tax measures and state funding helped to support these new and promising efforts.

Review our Past to Build on the Present

After twelve years it is now critically important to view this work through a new lens, a healing lens. Were those involved in criminal or anti-social behavior actually healed?  Could crime-plagued communities point to increased use of public spaces, less fear in going to work or attending school; would adults come out of their houses at night to join peace marches; did youth long unemployed, get and retain jobs? What did it take to get agencies to share data? 

Of equal importance, were agencies long committed to fixed patterns of action willing to change how they did business?

Viewed through the lens of actual on-ground programs from selected cities throughout California, this conference, Community Healing Through Action: Intersectional Approaches to Violence Prevention, held on October 10 in Long Beach will take a novel approach: it will explore healing from the clients perspective and the “healing” or changes required of participating service agencies. 

In style the conference will be practical, candid, results oriented, and will cover the broadest range of prevention work highlighting interventions and their close and necessary interlinkages with the community, city and county.

Bring a team— those doing hands-on work and those affecting policy.

This is a rare conference you will not want to miss. We have kept the registration fee low—$75.00—to ensure maximum attendance.